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Secure Solutions

for a more secure


Allow Security Design Specialist to work hard for you and to help you with your security needs, from Site Visits to a custom design specifically to meet your needs. Call us today!

Intrusion & Fire Detection

Integrated Security

Remote Services

1. Managed Video & Access Solutions

2.  System Design

3.  Full Installation & Service

Helping you find the right security solutions.

Easy to use, we are your one stop shop for HD video surveillance and access control solutions. From video servers, HD cameras, access control hardware and the latest reader technology. Empower your facility, office or home with industry leading technology and software designed for your security needs


Cloud Computing


Security partner with a shared vision.

Mobility Tired of not knowing what's going on when your security system is going off and you just got a call from the central station telling you that a motion sensor just was the cause of the alarm and they don't know why? Our mobility applications now allow you to integrate the most simple to the most complex security systems at you finger tips. For more info call us today.


Cloud Access & Storage Many of our customers have remote access to either their DVR's, NVR's, Access Control Panels and more. However most of the time it is limited to onsite access only. Through the latest software and hardware we can offer a whole new secure way of accessing your video surveillance live or off site storage along with your access control concerning adding and deleting personal quickly from all systems with one key stroke. For more info contact us today.


Security It is at a very pivotal point right now with most security hardware and software converging into the IT space. It is important to stay up to date with what is compatible and what is not. Allow Security Design Specialist to be your educational resource center when considering the first steps in upgrading any of your security systems. For more info call us today.

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